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For over 20 years, Action Air of Sarasota has had the privilege of servicing the heating and cooling needs of our customers, throughout South West Florida. Our motto is "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" and it is a phrase we live by and demonstrate daily. At Action Air, we treat our customers like family by providing professional, reliable, and affordable services.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus. Whether it is maintenance, repairs, new HVAC system installations or custom work, the Action Air team will ensure you are 100% satisfied. As a fully licensed (License # CAC056672) and insured HVAC contractor, we never subcontract out work and only use quality equipment and new parts. You will never see hidden or unanticipated fees in our billing. We provide up front pricing and clearly explain repairs and our troubleshooting recommendations. We stand behind our work and products. Let Action Air show you how action speaks louder than words. Call Action Air of Sarasota today to schedule a free inspection.

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Our COVID Response

Currently on sale at 40% off the manufacturer's retail price of $2499. The Action Air price of $1499 has a Season of Fall Promo where we will take an additional $200 off the Air Scrubber Unit and installation is completely free. Comes with a 12 month warranty and can be financed at 0% APR, same as cash, for a 12 month period.

Recently, SRQ magazine recognized Action Air of Sarasota for giving back to the community during this Health Pandemic for the complimentary Brushless Duct Cleaning & Sanitization Service provided, absolutely free, to each customer with any other service ($300 Value). As a locally owned and operated small business, we want to do what we can to protect our community.  This is why we have made the air scrubber as affordable as possible. 

This air scrubber unit helps to save money by reducing costs for homeowners by thousands:

  • lowering utility costs
  • reduces the use of air fresheners, odor eliminating & disinfectant sprays
  • increases HVAC System Efficiency
  • reduces indoor allergens & pet dander
  • increases HVAC System Performance by reducing the contaminants entering the air handler unit
  • reduces indoor dust levels by up too 50%
  • decreases the use of prescription / OTC medication for symptom relief use
  • can increase pulmonary function (ease of breathing / energy levels / moods)
  • reduces health risks & associated symptoms in OCPD patients or other chronic pulmonary related conditions
  • adds years to the functionality & performance lifespan of existing HVAC Systems, forestalls system replacement.

In addition to the standard mask donning requirements, and sanitizing of our work vehicles, equipment, supplies, and other items we use to provide HVAC services to our customers, we have incorporated some additional services & practices aimed at increasing the quality of indoor air, reducing the risk of COVID-19 contraction, reducing allergens, & improving the overall indoor air quality for all of our customers.

Action Air Sarasota implemented a new practice in January of 2020, during the first reports of the Coronavirus related deaths and rapid number of infected, in Asia. Based on the rate of infection and the significant increases in the daily number of confirmed infected individuals, our attention was drawn to this health issue.   Based on our management's experiences in medical aid & support for areas impacted by disasters & disease, we believed it was important to find some way to reduce the risk of exposure to those in our community when this disease spread throughout the world and made it here. Specifically, the number of high-risk individuals such as the elderly, children, & those with chronic pulmonary disorders number as above average for the total population of persons, in our communities of Southwest Florida. 

After some round table discussions, where we endeavored to find a way to provide a service that could address the long-term survival/ transmission term of the COVID-19 virus, once outside the host body. We implemented a practice that provided a complementary Brushless Duct Cleaning & Sanitization Service to all our customers. The Brushless Duct Cleaning & Sanitization Service is a sanitizing process that introduces a disinfecting agent for 99.99% of microorganisms into the HVAC system, ductwork, & indoor air environment via the ductwork vents. Our Layman's description describes this service as a "hand sanitizer treatment for your HVAC system and indoor air/surfaces". The sanitizing solution's active ingredient, which is the same as used to disinfect operating rooms in hospitals throughout the US, eliminating 99.99% of any present germs, microbes, mold, mildew, bacteria, allergens, & other harmful microorganisms from the air and surfaces that are present in the home. The product contains a deodorizing product that addresses odor causing bacteria and other offensive smells (ie cigarette smoke). The service is valued at $300 (some HVAC providers are charging $800) but has been offered as a complementary service for all of our customers, whenever we are on site, performing any repair, maintenance, or any other service. 

We have maintained this complementary service throughout the entire 2020 year. At this time, we are planning on continuing throughout the next calendar year of 2021. In addition, we now offer a NASA engineered air scrubber and purification unit. It is a scaled down version of the air scrubber used on the US space shuttle. The air scrubber is a combination of UV light, oxidizer, and deodorizer. This air scrubber is the only product on the market, verified by multiple separately performed university studies, to eliminate 99.99% of germs, bacteria, & harmful microorganisms from the air & surfaces that are in the home and new ones that as they present themselves. Most air purifiers only address the quality of the air and requires the microorganisms to be of size that is large enough to be caught in the filtration system. The air scrubber creates ionic particles, when the system is cooling / heating, that seek out harmful microbes and eliminates them continuously. Each of the multiple university studies verified that the air scrubber & purification unit successfully eradicated pneumonia, STAPH, E. coli, influenza, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas, MRSA, H1N1, SARs, Bird flu, & many more. The FDA has recently approved this air scrubber as a technology proven to eradicate the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 

Download the Air Scrubber Informational Sheet (PDF)

Action Air was featured in SRQ's Spirit of Giving section! This special section was printed in the December 2020 edition.

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"In an age where customer service appears to not exist for cable providers, communication providers and many "service" companies, Action Air stands apart from the norm. We presently have nine rental locations in Sarasota that we must maintain in a good operation plus our residence and reliable professional services are critical to our operations. In every phase of our mechanical needs from Action Air we are never disappointed. When we leave a message for service, we receive a prompt response, appointments are handled timely and efficiently with appropriate billing for the services provided. In many situations where we felt a new A/C unit was probably required, a minor repair was completed and our systems continued to operate for a number of years. This company is truly "Old School" and trustworthy."

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