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HVAC System Maintenance

Take advantage of our thorough semi-annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service for only $100 per unit, includes standard replacement filter. No travel charge in Manatee, Sarasota, or Charlotte counties. Our skilled technicians will keep your air conditioning system in prime working order.  Our semi-annual service includes:

AC Air Conditioning repair manAC Air Conditioning Repair

In addition to the semi-annual preventative maintenance services, Action Air is trained and skilled in repairing all makes and models of HVAC units. There is no problem we can't trouble shoot. We stand behind our repairs and guarantee our work. We use only NEW manufacturer approved parts and equipment to conduct repairs, never used or rebuilds. The HVAC unit in your home is the most used piece of equipment and makes up the majority of your electric bill. Proper maintenance services and troubleshooting issues helps prevent extraordinary wear and breakdowns so that our customers get the most efficiency and the longest life out of their HVAC units.

Duct Cleaning

Keeping your ducts clean is critical for the peak performance of your HVAC Unit. Duct cleaning is the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grills and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing. The "returns" are truly the most important ducts to ensure are clean because the returns are the supply for the air going into your system. If your system seems to be underperforming or if certain rooms always seem to be too hot or too cold, it could be the duct work. The skilled technicians at Action Air are experts at ensuring the duct work is cleaned to allow for the best disbursement of air. As part of our commitment to great air quality in your home and cold/flu prevention, we apply an environmentally safe sanitization treatment to each duct we clean.

Brushless Duct Cleaning / Sanitization

The Brushless Duct Cleaning / Sanitization is a Sanitizing & Deodorizing Service that is an environmentally safe duct cleaning solution that kills germs in your air conditioning duct while keeping your indoor air quality at optimal levels.

The Brushless Duct Cleaning / Sanitization uses an antibacterial mist spray that sanitizes the entire ductwork system. This process has a number of different uses. These include odor control, sanitizing bacteria, and pest control. Cleaning the interior of your HVAC air systems is important, for wiping out all mold, active pollen spores, fungal microbes, organic detritus, microorganisms, and eliminates microbes/ pathogens that are harmful.

In addition to disinfecting your entire HVAC system, the Brushless Duct Cleaning / Sanitization deodorizes the ductwork and air conditioned areas in your home. Have your ductwork cleaned and home deodorized completely free whenever we provide ANY service for you. A $300 value provided for free as our way of showing our appreciation for our customers, promoting clean & healthy air quality, and maintaining an efficient air conditioning unit.

Ductwork & Exfiltration Repair

A failure to maintain the integrity of the HVAC unit can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in waste every year. Waste can occur in many ways but the most common is a duct system that is leaking "cooled" or "heated" air into the attic area, also known as exfiltration. Our skilled technicians can isolate and repair exfiltration points throughout the ductwork system. This ensures that the cooled and heated air is reaching the desired room and not leaking into your attic. Call us today and lower your utility bill by having the peace of mind from the integrity of a closed ductwork system.

New HVAC System Installations

At Action Air, we install only the highest quality manufacturer's HVAC Systems. We will beat any competitor's price and stand behind our work 100%. Customer Satisfaction and Quality Service are the primary focus of each Action Air of Sarasota team member. Each system we put in receives a free year of maintenance and full warranty. We guarantee to provide you with an estimate that meets the needs of your home to provide the most energy efficient, cost effective, and manufacturer's quality heating and cooling systems. Whether it is a service, maintenance, repair, replacement, or custom work Action Air of Sarasota will exceed your expectations for quality, service, and price.  All new HVAC System Purchases come with a free duct cleaning on all returns.

Exciting New HVAC System Enhancements

Ultra-Violet Lighting that kills bacteria, mold, mildew, and mites. This new addition to your HVAC Unit will increase the quality of the air that circulates in your home.  The UV light shine directly on the coils in the air handler, helping to keep them clean and keep your system energy efficient. Our own employees have UV lights installed in their homes and noticed the difference in air quality, especially if you have small children and animals. At Action Air we stand behind our products because we care about the quality of the air produced by your heating and cooling system.  Call us today 941-371-6677 to speak with us about installing a UV light in your system and see the improvement yourself. In support of cold and flu prevention and great air quality we are offering UV Lights starting at $350 completely installed.

Outside Unit Leaf Screens – One of the most critical pieces of equipment for your HVAC unit, the condenser, is exposed to the elements 24 hour a day, 365 days a year. By adding a simple piece of equipment you extend the life of your outside condensing unit by years. The condenser, contains a compressor, cooling fins and tubes and a fan. The fan sucks air through the fins where the coolant is infused, which the compressor then pumps into the house to the evaporator through a copper tube. However, the screen that comes on the unit is large enough to allow for leaves, rodents, lizards, and other debris to make its way inside the unit. The condenser costs thousands of dollars to replace and can be expensive to repair. As part of our six month maintenance service, Action Air staff clean out the condenser for all debris to maintain the unit's health. However, nothing can beat adding a leaf screen cover to the unit. The leaf screen cover is durable and ideal for protecting the inside of the condenser. The screen prevents all these different forms of debris from entering the condenser and causing malfunctions or extraordinary wear and tear. The leaf screen covers range in price from $125-$200 depending on the size of the condenser. We highly recommend them to extend the life of your HVAC condenser and the best part is they are reusable and transferable should you replace the unit. Help keep debris out of your HVAC system and extend the life of your HVAC system, improve the condensers functionality, and improve the quality of the air in your home.

Digital and Remote Control HVAC Systems – Programmable thermostats have been around for a while but the newest innovations are the thermostats that can be controlled from your smart phone and tablet devices. Let us help you save on your energy bill with the latest technologies that put the power of control at your fingertips. With these new systems, our customers can control their thermostats anywhere in the world. Whether you wish to adjust the thermostat simply because you left your home or business in a rush or you find yourself stuck in traffic, you can now control the temperature in your home beyond scheduled programming. Let us provide you the control of your HVAC system with the power of your fingertip via your smartphone. The potential savings will pay for the system in less than a year and you as the customer will continue to reap the benefits over the life of your system.


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